The following different courses to meet the learning requirements of students at different stages of their preparation.

Foundation Course

These are pathways programmes designed for fresh aspirants of the Civil Services Exam. These preparation courses aim at laying the right foundation and guiding aspirants to understand the demand of the UPSC exam.

Targeted Courses

These are assessment programmes which focus on the upcoming examination only. They aim to cover only such themes on which questions may actually be asked in the exam. Targeted courses will benefit aspirants improve their scores manifold.

Foundation Course

General Studies Integrated

The GS (Integrated) is a comprehensive classroom programme which prepares aspirants holistically for both the Pre and Main stages of the Civil Services Exam.

Optional Subjects

Candidates have to choose one optional subject for the Main Examination. The Study Circle offers such subjects which have maximum syllabus overlap/connection and strategic relevance with the compulsory papers of General Studies.

Study Material

The study material published by the Study Circle is prepared with a clear intention to comprehensively yet in a focused manner impart only relevant knowledge and skills required to crack the civil services examination.

Targeted Courses

Prelims Test Series

PTS has been purposely designed to help students prepare through a step-up approach. It is also a meticulously designed Study Plan to organize preparation and keep one on track towards covering the syllabus extensively from NCERT to ADVANCE level.

Mains Test Series

This is a highly focussed Answer Writing course followed by Tests Series for upcoming Mains exam.

The program is designed to give students 360-degree support for the Main examination.

Interview Guidance

The objective of the programme is to work on the personality issue and the knowledge aspect of the candidate. The focal point of the interview is “you” and our Interview Guidance programme starts with keeping that in mind.

Essay Test Series 2022

  • Decode the tone, direction and demand of essay topics.
  • Understand the Big Picture behind both Philosophical and General topics.
  • Utilize the GS knowledge base to do temporal and sectoral elaboration with analysis and examples.
  • Score up to 170 marks

Continuous Learning Support – Online

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