Congratulations To Our UPSC Toppers

Hundreds of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Students aced UPSC Exams this year as well.

Achievers 2020

Achievers 2019

Pradeep Singh

Jatin Kishore

Pratibha Verma

Himanshu Jain

Vishakha Yadav

Sanjita Mohapatra

Raunak Aggarwal

Achievers 2018

Junaid Ahmad

Srushti Jayant Deshmukh

Karnati Varunreddy

Vaishali Singh

Pujya Priyadarshini

Harpreet Singh

Chitra Mishra

Achievers 2017

Anu Kumari

Sachin Gupta

Atul Prakash

Ayush Sinha

Anubhav Singh

Ankit Pannu

Abhishek Choudhary

Abhilash Baranwal

Vikramaditya Singh Malik

Bodke Digvijay Govind

Suyash Yeshwantrao Chavan

Patil Bhuvanesh Devidas

Priyadarshini Bhattacharya

Rahul Bhat

Jyoti Sharma

Ravi Anand

Pushp Lata

Deshal Dan

Amol Srivastava

Achievers 2015 - 2016

Tina Dabi

Gopalkrishn Ronaki

Anand Vardhan

Shweta Chauhan

Siddharth Jain

Sidarth B

Anuj Malik

Prathamesh Kumar

Mallika Sudhir

Pulkit Garg

Soumya Jha

Rahul Sharma

Nitesh Pandey

Harsh Kumar

SM Qasim Abidi

Rakesh Rathi

Akhil Goel

Anant Dwivedi

Sneha D

Santhosh BM

Ajanta Singh

Chambolkar Raghvendra Prakash

Neeraj Kumar Agarwal

Aastha Suman

Akshar Kumar P Godhani

Sanskriti Parasar

Aman Saxena

Neetisha Verma

Apurv Chauhan

Prateeti Goyal

Prateek Singh

Amit Aasery

With more than 64 years of educating Civil Services aspirants, Rau’s IAS Study Circle is considered the benchmark institute for IAS exam prep. We regularly produce toppers owing the effectiveness of our teaching strategies and academic inputs.


" I had enrolled at Rau’s for a weekend batch to brush up my learning. I totally relied on the Institute and the faculty. You have to trust what the teachers are teaching you. At Rau’s teachers are teaching you best, do not wander here and there for information. Do not treat Prelims and Mains as separate exams. From the beginning prepare for the mains exam. Focus magazine at Rau’s is the best additional resource that will help you with current news and articles. The mantra for success in Civil services is that you should have trust in yourself and the institute you choose. I would suggest that start preparing for Mains from the Day 1 of your preparation and full trust in yourself and your Institution. "

Shweta Chauhan (AIR 8)

Coaching helps you with the right guidance and that’s the magic wand one has because guidance is the most important and first right step if you aim for UPSC. I took Rau’s teaching as the direction in which I can lead my studies well. Go back home and revise what is taught in the class was my mantra which I followed throughout my studies. Prelims are the most important exam, if you will clear prelims then only you will land for mains. My sincere advise is that never miss your classroom test. This is because test series are important as it teaches you how you can handle the exam and it also helps you practice the curriculum. Solve more and more tests and you will become better with MCQs. Teachers at Rau’s are sincere and the teaching methodology is very good here. One should thoroughly grasp what is taught in the class.

Mallika Sudhir (AIR 26) speaking to other young aspirants preparing for CSE

UPSC Topper at Rau's

Rau’s Students Who Are Toppers With Mr. V P Gupta, CMD of Rau’s IAS Study Circle

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