The goal is to help candidates

  • Score up to 170 marks in the Essay Paper.
  • Decode the tone, direction and demand of essay topics.
  • Understand the Big Picture behind both Philosophical and General topics.
  • Utilize the GS knowledge base to do temporal and sectoral elaboration with analysis and examples.
  • Enrich Essay Writing Skills – develop command on the art of presentation.

Improve from ample Essay writing practice, test discussions, evaluation and personal mentorship.

Student Speaks

I wish to express deep gratitude and appreciation for the continuous guidance and support provided to me by Ritesh Sir from Rau’s IAS regarding the Essay paper. Sir not only provided me with the comprehensive list of topics to be prepared for essay paper but also helped hone my essay writing skills through his perceptive critical feedback.

Priyadarshni Bhattacharya, IAS (AIR 66, CSE 2017)

Essay is one of the subjects in which one can score more. I scored 145 marks in my essay paper which helped me secure a good rank. I was fortunate enough to have Ritesh Sir from Rau’s IAS as my guide and mentor who helped me develop multi-dimensional approach in essay writing which also helped me construct better answers in my GS papers. I would like to thank Ritesh Sir who put a lot of effort in my essay writing improvement.

Harsh Kumar, IFS (AIR 157, CSE 2016)

I was a student of Rau’s IAS Study Circle where I got the opportunity to attend Ritesh Sir’s essay classes. His essay classes are amazing. His classes are beyond what you find in textbooks or newspaper and magazines. It is because he has good experience in the government and social sector. The practical insights he gives are very important for essay writing. The best part is that even after the classes, Ritesh Sir helps you whenever you need his guidance. He helped me in both my UPSC interviews as well.

Amol Srivastava, , IAS (AIR 83, CSE 2017)

I attend Ritesh Sir’s essay classes at Rau’s IAS Study Circle. I would like to thank him for his immense support, guidance and mentorship all throughout my preparation and not just while I was attending his classes. He has great conceptual clarity about many subjects. What distinguishes him from others is the simplicity of his explanation. He helped me a lot in my answer writing and Interview preparation.

Nidhin K Biju, IAS (AIR 89, CSE 2019)

Pedagogy of QIP Classes

(video backup available for 7 days)

  • Formula based techniques to write any topic either Philosophical or General.
  • Teach interconnections by applying 360-degree approach.
  • Lend conceptual clarity on all big, small and interrelated concepts.
  • Impart experiential inputs, grassroot and constitutional connect for applied writing.
  • Delivering originality in approach.
  • Improve structuring and proper sequencing of thoughts, opinions and examples.
  • Personal guidance and mentoring till success is achieved.

How to attend classes & attempt tests Online?

  1. Your student account will be created on (within 2 days after confirmation of admission).
  2. Your login id and password will be provided to you to access your account.
  3. Your account will be mapped to Essay Live Course and Essay Test Series respectively.
  4. You’ll be able to attend live classes or watch recorded videos from Live Courses Tab.
  5. You’ll be able to attempt tests from the Test Series tab.
    1. Download the Question cum Answer (QCA) Booklet from Test Series any time after the release date of the test.
    2. Take print of the QCA, write your answers in the available space and upload the scanned QCA back in your account against the test.
    3. You will get the evaluated copies back in your account between 10 and 15 days after submission of QCA booklet.
  6. In the meantime, you will get Test Discussion class/recorded video and Sample Essay Hints. Watch video or refer to Sample Essays to assess how you have done and develop a better line of thought.
  7. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING: All tests will have a DATE OF RELEASE. Tests can be taken at any time till Mains 2021. Flexible scheduling allows you to appear for tests based on your plan and preparation.
  8. Students of QIP classes must follow the direction given by the teacher.
  9. In case of any technical difficulty, write to us at or call student support at 011-40786050

This is a highly targeted course
most suitable for aspirants appearing in UPSC Mains 2022.